Have you been to see "Dr. John" for your MRI (Model Railroad Injection)?? John Suppon has undertaken the major task of conducting a series of How-To clinics on various model railroading topics. Topics include landscaping, trees and water, DCC, and others.

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Pictures from recent clinics

Rocks, Trees and Water

Completed rock formation.

Reinforcing a rock mold.

Making a tree.

Using caspia for a tall tree.

Preparing to apply water effects.

Creating a bow wake for the canoe.

Canoeists on the river.

River from prior clinic now filled with water.

Water added to open top tank car.

Water in the ditch beside a road.

Basic Landscaping and Scenicing

Scenicing the river bed.

Rock casting applied to substrate.
Yellow object is the mold.

Grass and plowed field added.

John answering a question.

Completed riverbed awaiting the water.